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And in the name of privacy, people have picked up their virtual boxing gloves and started winding up the good old one-two punch.

Yet it seems that this anger stems from the internet’s greatest fallacy, one the internet itself has long encouraged: the notion that the world wide web is somehow private in the first place.

The young man in question received a deluge of criticism from Twitter, and several articles were written on the story.

This resulted in a cry of “bullying,” the suggestion that this man’s life was being destroyed for expressing his opinion. Gawker very recently unmasked one of the biggest trolls in Reddit’s history.

He was able to meet with this teenaged boy and, by talking with him and his parents, led him to understand the effect his abuse had, and (hopefully) helped him.

That boy has the chance to make changes in his life before he goes too far down an incredibly destructive road.

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They offer up their real names and real information about their lives, and they do it without fear.

Recently, a man who had been brutally harassed by an internet troll for three full years used this technology to find the person who had made his life hell, day to day.

That troll, shockingly, turned out to be the son of a family friend.

While we were assured by our moderators that there was never any pressure to share more information about ourselves than made us comfortable, it wasn’t long before we all knew each others’ names, where we were writing from, and what we did on a day to day basis. It’s pretty easy to spot crazy most places on the internet.” This is not a sad story where I end up stalked and have to change my name and move to another state, bemoaning my lack of foresight. They are real, wonderful people who I am very lucky to know. I was warned to take caution when I graduated from college; if there were any pictures of me on Facebook sporting a suspicious red plastic cup, I should remove them immediately.

In fact, I should remove any pictures that made me look weird at all. Anyone can screen capture your tweets, even if your account is private.

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