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In Seasons 1, 3 and 4 she was played by Florence Stanley (in a total of seven appearances); in Bernice's only Season 2 appearance she was portrayed by Doris Belack.

In that episode, Fish also had a grown daughter named Beverly played by Emily Levine.

Characters seen on three or more episodes included: An ambulance-chasing attorney, Ripner visits the precinct whenever he has a client to defend.

His first appearance is in the series' second episode as Marty Morrison's lawyer.

After a short run as a regular guest on Barney Miller (beginning with episode 8 of the first season, "Ms. Wentworth's name can still be seen on the staff duty roster through most of Season 3 and a flashback scene of her was used in the final episode.

Gorman made a guest appearance (season 4, episode 3) as an amateur prostitute housewife, and then, after a three-episode run as Licori in season 4, she played another recurring role during season 8, as Mrs. Scanlon, who desperately wants to find a reason to fire him; after he was outed by a careless remark by Wojo, he was promoted to a position as Administrative Assistant at Police Headquarters.

He began his role as a recurring character, Officer Levitt, in Season 3, becoming a full-time cast member by Season 4 (his character would finally make detective in the series' final episode).

A member of the Internal Affairs Department, the eternally suspicious Scanlon was not attached to the 12th Precinct.

Na competição, estiveram presentes projetos de instituições de ensino superior de todo o país.

His visits from headquarters involved trying to find corruption inside the precinct, especially in the detective squad.

An extremely dedicated and enthusiastic (sometimes overly so) member of the squad who developed a romantic relationship with Wojo.

Later that season, he first appeared as Dietrich in the twelfth episode, "Fish".

Dietrich was a transfer from the 33rd when budget cuts closed that precinct.

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