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When Christopher “Moot” Poole created 4chan, he sought to emulate the anonymous behavior of the Japanese website 2channel.

Moot was a large browser of the website Something Awful, a web forum dedicated to making jokes and creating original content.

Moot would bring Something Awful’s character to his soon to be popular website.

He wanted 4chan to be more anonymous than the enthusiast forums of the past, by stripping away usernames and user accounts.

Large social, content hosting websites like Facebook and Twitter now rival large countries in population size.

It’s what people do on the internet—browse social media.

Here, he tells the history of 4chan and the invasion of un-funny, uncreative anonymous rightists that eventually changed the nature of the site.

At one time, the internet used to be a smaller place.

Though predictable, these posters where still channers…and therefore jokesters and trolls, so there would be fun discussion even if the content was offensive. The free speech board attracted radicals from all over the internet.On 4chan you can be banned for being off-topic, but not for making racist posts.There probably was never a moment were racism couldn’t be found on 4chan, but the trend of making racist posts shifted drastically from being an ironic, edgy joke to a very serious habit for a percentage of the posters.Forums like have a very strict expectation for rule following, and will ban you for subtle things like posting in an incorrect tone.The lax rules of 4chan attracted a lot of content producers, and people who loved to post without the fear of gaining a bad reputation, or being banned for behaving a certain way.

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