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Vanessa Snyder (Alexa Vega) is a well-respected eighth grader in her school.

She has a loving single, divorced mother, Barbara (Lisa Vidal), who is proud of her academically and socially successful daughter.

One day, Nikki tricks Vanessa into getting close to Tony (Chad Biagini), a boy whom Stacy (and somewhat Vanessa) has a crush on.

A web of lies, nasty rumors, and manipulation ensues, and Vanessa is ostracized by the clique for "backstabbing" Stacy.

Barbara even tries to reason with Stacy's mother, Denise (Rhoda Griffis), but only ends up straining their friendship.

Vanessa's spirits are suddenly lifted when she is invited to Stacy's birthday party.

Once Barbara sees printed-out disdainful comments about Vanessa's hair, she tries to help by informing the school about the bullying.

Principal Jessup states that she is unable to take disciplinary action against verbal abuse.

It sheds light onto the topic of school hostility and bullying among girls.One day, Vanessa tries to sit with the girls at lunchtime, but they reject her.Vanessa runs off into the girls' bathroom, and hides inside one of the stalls.Vanessa is also "in" with the popular clique, which consists of her best friend Stacy Larson (Leah Pipes), the queen bee, and Nikki Rodriguez (Elizabeth Rice), who is secretly jealous of the bond between her two friends.On the exterior of the circle is the outsider, Emily (Shari Dyon Perry), and the "wannabe," Tiffany Thompson (Alicia Morton), who is dying to make it into the group.

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