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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Elliot is — well, let ns say, not qoite bo charming. Elliot's imaginings at home have not the choral of her walks abroad, they have a blood-curdling quality which to some readers may bo much more attractive, just as abiinthe has votaries who would scorn Chatean Margaux. Hirth shows, with apparently con clunve proof , must have referred to the city in Arabia Fetraea. Hirth then went on to describe the supposed lission of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to the Em- peror of China, of which no accounts have come downtousfrom European Bourcea. It needs, it seems, almost a separate education to realise that diologfue which would read very well in a novel may yet be not pointed enough, oi not sufficiently ch^ged with action, to be effective on the boards ; and that is just the education which Messrs. Lacking this, it is nevcithe- les B true that their work betrays a theatrical or dramatic instinct which should one day serve tbem in good stead— nay, which may serve them in good stead even as soon as to-morrow if they will but address themselves to revise and abbreviate " Deacon Brodie." The play has humour of a quiet kind ; it has pathos of a simple kind ; it has some virtues of construction.You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I y Google y Google y Google y Google y Google y Google f^ f . The R»d Cardinal is uot a story which it is easy to describe briefly ; but, prob- ably, if any writer of Mrs. Thefaotot amis- "' arriving in China professing to have come from in. What it wants chiefly careful pr unin g — the hurrying on of what story there is, the whipping up of thecharact«rs into more immediate and more continuous action.

._ _ (y&emr' [ttn.) M*g'* Hiitalct, an* other Suttfx Storiet ^•. 187 Pmlgrare's VMeetfrom Flov HT Land „ SM Bi Htr^ i)t.-L.) Kiin^i Se Kolare 110 Bubf 'a (Jewie) Pr Mtmt Tomer 3M Strmaaall and Omnn'i i Ia|i 3B1 eecoimbs'atliis Dl.-Co LJ Cbntc AIwte AM /t-DH ^Hl Mffutotv sao SMlev'i (M.) CVwi Court 187 shipfklnf CMlarii, Tlie^ sn Btiiplai'i (Kiu H.) Bearing tit Yoke . The Court Leet Book of 1-560 contains the following suggestive entry ; — "Ordered that so much of the rubbish of St. S.: Lee & Shepard; London: Triibner.) The first impression of Mr. In the last century the dedication wus found efficacious in attracting the powerful patron ; and Mr.

31 Vsrne-a (Jnlu) %(raban the Infiezihie » Wchnar's (Hn.) Da JTad U and the Cro&xaxieitnt i. Stanmora 1^», 47, si, 77, M, IST (Srealay Ki D^tlon, llie US HMnpahl TS n Ma and Qnarlos n Ba.n&otng'a Walbantal) Ancaitry ,„ S7A Heine and mihelm MUIar ... Overy, who was town clerk in 1473, The charters date from the reign of Henry II.

S e (F, M.) What it Bight - Sire and Telloto a Sight Wood'* (KMa) Wino M:»m.)Tht"Light. Dark Lad; (Tha) of Bhakapars'i Bonneu and Ulatreaa Mary Picton S. tppnr ai mno T» '* sbariinla Uaage fi (ikurei dral . tilt And«nc IJrl Bh »M,«3 - 30, 47, " — m Hanohairtor Catha- tv,. Idtha Homecka SW, 377 Gt*ek Inacriptton at Bn[ig:b-Dndsr. One of theso records, known as the "Paxbread," contains a free translation of the Anglo-Norman ordinances made by Will.

Bameby's before he is too old to appreciate his good fortune. We may also poiat oat that there are several misprints which bad better be limked to when, the day for correc- tions arrives. — that one bewails the presence of eyes that did not see, ears that did not hear, and opportunities lost, never to return. Leighton saw — as did the writer of these lines— the North-west in its earliest and, he will continue to think, its best and most romantic daya, and left it when the trapper, the hunter, and, to a considerable extent, the gold-digger and the lumberman had given place to the land-jobber and the railroad engineer. Mias Ida Ashworth Taylor has more literary aptitude and better command over her materials than Mr.

We allow, however, that it is hard to slaughter the innocents, or for an inexperienced author to acquire that literary perspective which enables him to see that what was at the time of interest to himself may be of no import- ance to those who neither ate the breakfasts, visited the Colonial judges, heard their wives sing, nor are likely to profit by the "unearned increment " on the Cordova Bay " lot " which we trust may he Mr. In truth, it is rather "thin," lacks grasp, and in nearly every chapter is so sketchy— shill we say feminine ? When we can add, with our hand upon our heart, that the characters in Sorrowfid yet Lucky are quite alive and realisable, and that the tone of the book is commendably healthy, we really think we may claim a slwre in the author's next dedication.

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