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In some counties on the edges of large metro areas, such as Warren County, Virginia, located 70 miles west of Washington DC, it is common for between a quarter and a third of residents to commute more than an hour to get to work.Read Full Article → The United States is growing both in size and age, as shown in our recently released population projections for each decade till 2040.Meanwhile, as Baby Boomers age, the population over 65 will swell and become the fastest growing age group in the U. In Virginia, some localities attract more young adults than others, likewise, some localities lose more of their young adults than others.Recently released census age estimates show that so far this decade some of Virginia’ cities and counties with universities are experiencing an influx of 15 to 24 year olds, but most of Virginia’s counties are experiencing a significant outflow of their 15 to 24 year old population.Many educators and policy makers assume that the level of education of the students’ parents may have a significant impact on whether students apply to college and on how well they do once admitted; and initiatives are developed to support these so-called “first generation” students, once they are enrolled in a college or university in the Commonwealth. But in coming decades further growth in the working-age population is on track to be considerably slower, increasing at less than half the rate of the rest of the population. population – a relatively small population of 20-year-olds to replenish jobs vacated by a large population of Baby Boomers – will reshape local economies across the country. But then a great dispersion takes place, many young adults move away to attend college (69 percent of 2015 high school graduates enrolled in college), young adults will also often move to work in their first full-time jobs.Read Full Article → During the last three decades, growth in the U. working age population, ages 20 to 65, has easily outpaced total U. As the large baby boomer generation leaves the workforce, there will be hardly enough twenty-year-olds entering the workforce to replace them. Between 15 and 24, nearly 30 percent of Virginia’s young adults move in any given year, in comparison, after age 45 less than 10 percent of adults move annually.Nearly 5.2 million people with disabilities were employed across the country in 2015, largely concentrated in management, professional, and related occupations (31.3%).

Certainly, finances, family constraints, academic and career interests, and other issues may influence whether a high school senior undertakes the process of surveying schools of interest, collecting application forms, taking placement tests, and completing the complex process of submitting applications to one or more institutions of higher education. Until around age 18, the vast majority of children live with family and attend school.

Between 20, 88 of Virginia’s 95 counties had more 15 to 24 year olds move out than in, this is up from 69 counties between 20. In contrast, Virginia’s cities and counties with universities received a large inflow of 15 to 24 year olds, with 24 of Virginia’s 38 independent cities experiencing an increase in their 15 to 24 year population from in-migration. Given that the economy has been growing for six years since the recession ended in 2009, most economists were expecting the number of births to increase.

Read Full Article → In June, the National Center for Health Statistics released the total number of births in the U. However, there were actually fewer births in 2015 than in 2014 with the U.

In Virginia, the portion of commuters who traveled over an hour each way to work rose from 6.5 percent in 1990 to 10 percent in 2014.

But in rural areas that are within commuting distance of city centers, the percentage of residents who drove over 60 minutes to get to work often doubled or tripled in the same period.

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