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A membership was required to get in, for a year.Members have a choice between paying for a locker rental or for a room.It’s also a place where, through no-questions-asked, unprotected oral and anal sex, men might be in danger of killing themselves. On the most basic level, bathhouses can polarize people as few institutions in our society can.They are monstrous dens of hedonism to some, guarded sanctuaries of sexual expression to others.Some stand in doorways to their rooms, waiting for that special someone to stroll by.

They should be boarded up for facilitating the spread of STDs, or they need to remain open as viable avenues for prevention outreach.

With all the steam and dim lighting, I can barely make out the figures of four men across the room, sitting in a row against the wall.

I find a place on the bottom row of tiered seating and take long conscious breaths, drawing in dense, humid air that smells sweet from cologne and cedar, and salty from sweat and sex.

My dress code options are a towel or nothing at all, so I ditch my clothes and opt for a towel, take a quick shower and start to look around.

Body Zone, the newer and more modern of Detroit’s two gay men’s bathhouses, offers the same amenities found in most gay baths around the country — a labyrinth of hallways lined with small rooms that contain beds. The place also features a steam room, an open shower room, a large hot tub and lounge areas where TVs show either sitcoms or gay pornography. Men looking to hook up communicate almost exclusively through eye contact.

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