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Here is a picture of my F3210 IP camera being used as a baby cam mounted on the wall of the look-through in the playroom.Baby cams are typically used to monitor babies in their bedroom while they are sleeping.So unlike CCTV cameras (which transmit video over coax cable), IP cameras can not be hard wired to a TV using a coaxial cable.


Since we installed our camera we have been able to observe the girls doing things that we would miss before the camera was installed (some cute things and some mischievous).

Being that we also wanted to display the video and listen to audio on a laptop computer (requirement #5) and we always have our laptop on a table in the family room, here is how we are able to display the video on both a laptop and the LED TV in our family room.

Our baby camera is hard wired to out network router using CAT-5 cable (can be over WIFI for a wireless IP camera).

Their names are Emily (twin baby a) and Julia (twin baby b).

When we let them play in their playroom we are actually very close to them (right around the corner in our family room), but we like to remain out of sight so that they play independently (and so we can get a little break).

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