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Be aware: The next time you pick up your local newspaper or turn on TV and find out about a story of, say, the latest nutritional news, look for the source of information.

The implied message was that he couldn't do his important police work until the tickets were sold. Problem: As the situation in Yugoslavia was in crisis, we had to prepare the event in as little as two weeks' time.Another time, the Los Angeles Police Department contacted me to help them sell a 37,000-seat concert fund-raiser they were doing with Linda Ronstadt.Their problem: They were telemarketing the tickets; and as soon as the people they called heard they were the police, they found every excuse under the sun, moon, and stars to get off the phone!PR is much more cost-effective than advertising because getting an editorial usually costs 10% of ad rates.PR packs more punch and credibility because an editorial is perceived as far more objective.

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