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"The first thing anyone wants to know is 'What's the weirdest thing anyone's said to you? ' You want to know about the shit eaters and the dog fuckers, but how fucked up is it for those other people to call?

How fucked up is it that in our society, love is becoming as taboo as some of those extreme fetishes? My mom coincided her phone sex work with her studies towards becoming a therapist and says the two lines of work were more symbiotic than you'd expect. When you've been around a few extra years like I have, you just think, 'Okay... '" I'd assumed the demand for older women boiled down to nothing deeper than garden variety MILF fantasies, but why would so many guys be paying through the nose for it otherwise?

A few days later, she'd find the job had been given to someone much younger. Even better, she'd be working from home and would pick her own hours. Over a few glasses of wine, Mom told me about all the sound effects she'd worked out to make the whole thing more realistic for her callers.

Silly putty is good for general squelching, and wet flannels dropped into the toilet apparently sound exactly like massive shits.

She still takes calls for phone sex, but by appointment only.

Miller told me that not everyone who calls phone sex lines wants to hear a woman farting or pretending to take a shit. But then you also get people who just want me to tell them I love them, you know, 'I love you, sweetheart.'"So for me, I'm thinking, 'You want to know the weird stuff?

Mistress Susan, a 46-year-old phone sex operator and "non-nudity camgirl" told me that the way to make big bucks is to go it alone. " Working for a big company does have some upsides.

She'd start her own business in a flash if she thought she'd get the custom."It's difficult," she said. Out of a million phone sex operators, how could a man pick you? Besides being an easy point of destination for callers, all calls are monitored from central offices across the UK and US.

Some also offer sex cam shows, but adding this optional service is up to the individual.My mother isn't the only older woman going into phone sex, an advertising platform for jobs in the adult entertainment industry, currently has 7,695 phone sex applicants aged over 40.When they want to work, operators log into their profile on the company website to show they're available and wait for calls.Callers dial a central premium line number, followed by an extension for the woman they want (found on the company's website) and the switchboard then redirects the call to the operator's landline without the caller ever being able to access their real number.

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