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But just because this is becoming the new normal doesn't mean people have given up their old thoughts.

Each day, gay parents endure an endless stream of, if we can be frank, really dumb questions that drive them crazy.

Cut to Nigel sitting in his embassy office, fanning himself with his hat, and sharing the plot detail that Largo’s yacht is heading for “the south of France.” Having inched the story forward, Bond attempts to hang up on him, but Nigel asks, “If you’re free tomorrow, why don’t we go snorkeling? Wow, even the stuffy dudes at the British Embassy can’t resist Bond’s raw animal magnetism. Fatima, down on the hotel patio, extends the antenna on her detonator. And the next thing we see is Bond, still in bed with Bikini Babe, as they look out across the hotel courtyard at black smoke billowing out of another room. He went to Bikini Babe’s room instead, and thus they were both spared. Yeah, you don’t want to evacuate, or find out if anyone was hurt, or see if the bomber is still in the area, or do anything crazy like an actual government agent might do.

Bond responds by dropping the phone receiver in his champagne ice bucket. Also, didn’t Bond have sex with Fatima immediately before going scuba diving and having his run-in with sharks? Is Bond so incredibly horny that he can’t go more than three or four hours without finding a new woman to bone?

(Gotta love that island culture.) They go to the front desk, and Bond picks up his room key, and his lady friend also gets her room key, which will be important later.

As they head to the elevator, Fatima hides just out of sight, with a sinister smile on her face.

She goes to a room (presumably Bond’s hotel room) and plants another of her trademark plastic explosives under his bed.

Jethro Bond enters the hotel, along with Bikini Babe, now clad in a loose silk robe, with nothing underneath.

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Also, Bond is now wearing Bikini Babe’s overalls, with no shirt on underneath. Cut to Fatima, who’s suddenly wearing a totally different crazy outfit.But she’s really a French secret agent, because she says the Flying Saucer is anchored near the villa, and “Q sent this”, but whatever “this” is remains just outside the shot. Bond catches it, even though it could easily be another bomb for all he knows.They head outside, and Wiffle Ball Guy is standing out on the sidewalk. Bond is about to toss it back, but then he recognizes who threw it. ” Yes, it’s Felix Leiter, CIA agent, and one of Bond’s most frequent allies. They can include a mom or a dad or two moms or two dads.In fact, 48 percent of LGBTQ women and 20 percent of LGBTQ men are proud parents.

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