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To make education accessible to everyone there is a great need for transforming our educational institutions and learning centers.

Educational institutions must remove all the barriers that deny the physical access of PWDs by adopting appropriate designs and by adopting relevant teaching practices that cater to all.

Disability is both a cause and consequence of poverty.

Poor people are more likely to become differently abled and people with disabilities are among the poorest and most vulnerable group of population mainly due to the lack of access to education, skills and employment opportunities.

A facilitating environment is a must for inclusion of persons with disabilities and improving their productivity.Conducting awareness programs and workshops with corporates and educational institutions to educate them on the issues of PWDs is another major role that CSOs can play.CSOs should also take up the responsibility of empowering and educating the care givers, families and communities where these persons with disabilities live so that there is better understanding and greater facilitating environment for inclusion of people with disabilities.Hence, accommodation should be done considering that each person is unique and the needs of the PWDs must be considered, assessed and accommodated individually.Respect for the dignity of persons with disabilities is the key to preventing and removing barriers.

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