Ano ang mga dating pangalan ng pilipinas

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It is worth mentioning that three of the senator-judges who gave Corona the guilty verdict are now detained and facing much bigger corruption charges for their involvement in the pork barrel scam compared to Corona’s inaccurate statement of assets, liabilities and net worth – a charge that the law allows the public servant to correct without removal from office.

What happened to Arroyo and Corona is enough proof that BS Aquino set a precedent for the executive to abuse his power.

That was when disrespect for the country’s institutions and failure to uphold the rule of law became acceptable in Philippine society.

Prior to BS Aquino’s term, most Filipinos were united against corruption.

And, more importantly, before, during and after the trial, allegations that BS Aquino bribed congressmen and senators using pork barrel funds so they would vote the “guilty” verdict were already being reported.

Members of the public ignored this because in their mind, thanks to the trial by media perpetuated by BS Aquino and his supporters, they were convinced that Corona was corrupt and needed to go.

Never mind when there was no pending case against her at that time that would have justified the hold departure order and her subsequent detention.

BS Aquino still talks about Arroyo’s alleged “crimes” as if they have been proven in court.

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