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This topic explains how users of Windows Internet Explorer 9 can pin a website to the Windows taskbar and Windows 8 users can pin to the Start screen.For info on using Internet Explorer 11 to make Windows 8 live tiles, see Create live tiles for your websites in IE11.

The Pinned site window has a clean design that reinforces the site’s brand, as follows: is the taskbar position of the Pinned site.This recommendation was overruled by Secretary of the Navy Claude A.Swanson who favored the XVI design which mounted twelve 14" guns but had a maximum speed of 27 knots.Designated BB-55, was laid down at the New York Naval Shipyard on October 27, 1937.Work progressed on the hull and the battleship slid down the ways on June 3, 1940 with Isabel Hoey, daughter of the Governor of North Carolina, serving as sponsor.

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