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I gained a lifetime of growth and experience for which I am extremely grateful.” In the last couple of years, Kristi Lee’s passion did not seem to be in the show.Her presence was often overshadowed by co-host Tom Griswold, leading to her voluntary silence during shows many times.Kristi Lee’s departure was a shock to all, especially when the long time co host did not receive any sort of farewell tribute by the remaining hosts, Tom Griswold and Chick Mc Gee.Instead, the show continued on without her as she was immediately replaced by previous co host Pat Carlini.Still, Kristi Lee’s farewell speech leads fans to believe that her leave is not due to any negative vibes with the rest of the staff, proclaiming that she owes her career to her radio partners in crime.“I wish all those involved in making ‘The Bob & Tom Show’ the best radio program in America continued success.

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What are your thoughts on Kristi Lee’s announcement?

The introduction of Scott Potasnik on the show quickly filled the gap that Bob left during his leaves.

When Bob announced his retirement in November, many people felt that there was already closure in the form of Potasnik.

However, estimates claim that Kristi Lee’s net worth of just over million is well under the approximate net worth of Bob and Tom, who are each estimated at a net worth of million.

In comparison, Chick Mc Gee is estimated at a net worth of million as well.

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