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Of particular importance are documents concerning nationalization of land, banks, industrial enterprises, trading establishments; collectivization of agriculture, creation of new enterprises, development of science, education and culture.Funds of Chernivtsi regional, district and city committees of the Communist party of Ukraine, Trade Unions during 1940-1941, 1944-1992 reveal history of Chernivtsi region as a part of the USSR.Among the oldest documents of the archives there are: the patent copy of Moldavian landlord (1418), concerning the property acknowledgement and boundary determination of the estates Oprysheny and Pryvoloky (German translation from Old Moldavian); a parchment purchase deed privilege of Moldavian prince Petro to Ion Lupuon the village of Cherkanul (1546) written in Cyrillic alphabet.The basic stages of economic and social life development in Bukovyna till the reunion with Ukraine are represented in the documents of mid - 18 c.Day 3 (25/09/2016) - breakfast in hotel "buffet" - excursion "Kamenetz-Podolsk, which is not like the others" Interesting about Kamenets: - Said coffee began in Europe in Vienna, but few people know the truth, because the coffee started with Kamenetz-Podolsk, and then came to Vienna and other cities; - The city is in the basement of the 17th century, more will hear from the archaeologist who carried out excavations himself; - Sofia Potocki’s romantic story of life begins is in Kamenetz-Podolsk; - Kamjanetsky fortress till today is the most popular fortress in Ukraine!More information about hotel «Reikartz Kamenets" Cost of the tour: Based on double occupancy in a room category "Standard" - 1850 UAH per person.State archives of Chernivtsi region renewed its activity on April 6th 1944.Later its name was changed: Chernivtsi State Regional Archives (1958-1980), State Archives of Chernivtsi Region (since 1980).

Austrian period funds of establishments, such as Military Administration of Bukovyna (1775- 1786), Halych government authorising Bukovyna (1775- 1861), Bukovinean regional administration (1786- 1853) elucidate public relations in the region, the order of governing Bukovyna (1778- 1820), municipal (1826) and rural (1822- 1847) communities, the questions of including Bukovyna to Halychyna and its governing (1786), the description of Bukovyna's state borders, administrative - territorial organization.* Company tourists from three, four (if you want to live together) are placed in the Superior category extra beds.The price includes: - Travel in a comfortable tourist class bus route Kyiv-Kamenets-Hawtin, Chernivtsi-Kyiv; - Hotel Reikartz Kamenets; - Two breakfasts "Swedish line"; - Excursions, entrance fees to all tourist sites.The archives include the records about the temporary establishment of Rumanian_German occupation (1941-1944).Documents of soviet period (1940- 1941, 1941- 1944) are represented in the funds of the soviets, executive committees and their administrations and departments, court units and prosecutor's offices, economic establishments.

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