Cpanel quota not updating

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Then we need to enable quota # quotaon /home ==================================================== 4 a). Now you can edit the quota of a user using this # edquota ==================================================== 5) Run /scripts/fixquotas this will solve the quota issue of cpanel accounts.

# /scripts/fixquotas 6) After this `repquota -a` should print out the soft/hard limits with grace periods for all users.

You should be able to remedy this by refreshing the c Panel cache for this user.

This can be done by removing the /home/username/.cpanel-datastore directory, which will be recreated upon the next access of that accounts c Panel.

Then remount the /home partition # mount -o remount /home 3.

The we need to create a file called for that we need to run quotacheck # quotacheck -c /home 4.

In Main » Server Configuration » Tweak Settings there is a section for Notifications in which you will want to enable the various options as to your liking, e.g.: Notify the admin, (or the reseller), when an account has reached the "critical" Disk Usage state.

The first thing to check if these are not being sent is if the appropriate options are enabled.

I removed few mails from my inbox using ssh shell and now it doesnt not updating when I check it from cpanel. I tried removing maildirsize file from my mail account and then updated the quota from cpanel but then it shows 0MB of 500MB. This is something usually seen in c Panel, if we remove certain files from ssh, same won't get updated while checking from c Panel.

Probably there should be some processes still trying to open those files.

If you increase the total disk space for an account, and WHM shows the increase, then the account can use the new disk space immediately.

The c Panel for the modified account may still show the old disk space limit, but this will update itself within 4 hours.

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