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In a more urban area say the Greater NYC or Boston should turn up more potential roommates than I would find for my area.Craigslist is also valuable medium being a free source and the number of page views it receives.Be wary of e-mail that does not contain your post title as the subject line.Lastly, I did not go into detail on how I run split test as potential roommates maybe googling my name and thus reading this post right now. I'm Mike, I rent out my spare rooms in my house to roommates. If you're motivated to make some extra cash from your spare room, please join my community and start here....I like Craigslist because it’s free and gets a lot of page views.However, with craigslist being a free service, there can be some real craaaazeeee people out there.Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival has been celebrating the intersections of food and culture since its inception 43 years ago.

These sources of find potential roommates have their differences, the biggest difference being the cost – craigslist is free.Another thing I absolutely love about craigslist is being able to split test roommate advertisements. Split testing involves running multiple postings (usually two) for your available room for rent with slight variations.The main objective behind split testing in this case is to determine the optimal layout, rental price.This can extremely useful for someone that is unsure what kind of rent to charge.This go-around, I was able to get a little more than what I normally get because I was able to increase the perceived value of my place.

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