Creationist arguments against radiometric dating

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Miller, "Scientific Creationism versus Evolution", Actually, the only real "evidence" for a billions of years old earth model is the fact that the philosophy of evolution requires it. What about human skulls and gold chains found in seams of coal? ) What about tree trunks running vertically through quot;millions of years" of sedimentation?

Evolution started with the philosophy of "uniformitarianism," which says that all changes happened very, very slowly.

New wood in growing tress has been dated at 10,000 years. Sediment on the ocean floor is an average of 1/2 mile deep, or about 8.2 x 10/17th tons. Works out the oceans can't be more than 33 million years old, even if we stick with a uniform deposition rate.

And a non-uniform deposition (caused by something such as a worldwide flood) could greatly reduce the time involved by speeding up deposition.

Sadly, if the makeup of my E-mail is any indication, it seems I was wrong.

This single article happened to combine most of the arguments I've heard into a single stream of semi-consciousness, so I thought it would be good to pick it apart.

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