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We have practical experience in that throughout history we’ve shifted towards the volumes we do now and that practically every single good runner does a solid amount of mileage (with good intensity mixed in) and we have the theory of why mileage should work.If we simply put crossfit endurance through the same kind of review we have: Research- short term studies on high intensity training shows improved VO2max and in some cases performance, but we have looked at why those don’t apply neatly already.

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But for endurance performance it’s even better when it is supported! Endurance work of various kinds and even pure speed work (with lots of recovery) serves as support for the intense stuff.

So we got a ST fiber type shift for guys who needed lots of ST.

Secondly, the high volume of training leads to long term increases in efficiency.

No research on crossfit endurance in particular Theory- It goes against all known scientific theory for how endurance performance should be improved and how it actually happens. We know from history what happens and what kind of performance you get even if you do a lot of high intensity work with very little volume.

And lastly, it doesn’t help that they subscribe to every fad from diet to pose method of running that there is.

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