Dating a writer

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For those looking to be or are currently in a relationship with someone who considers themselves a writer, it can be a totally new experience. It's inevitable, and a little like dating Taylor Swift.One that even years of experienced relationships can’t compare to -- and while every experience is different, here are nine things you can already prepare for when dating a writer. Whether it's through poetry, short stories, our diary or editorials.

If you’re lucky enough to be dating, or to even be friends with a writer -- teach them, learn from them.Think you may be dating a writer, but you're not quite sure?Here are eight telltale signs that will help you figure it out!Appreciate that writers have big needs: for food, exercise, sex, etcetera. Don’t be surprised if your name seems to come beside a phrase that actually flatters the Writer, such as “my wife who recognizes true art,” or “my girlfriend Trish who saw my brilliance from one look in my eyes.” Hope that you might be “material” for the Writer. Do not, however, be upset if your Writer portrays your worst traits or has a character greatly resembling you die suffering a miscarriage in the backwaters of Mexico or be locked up in an institution. This moodiness is something you must watch closely.Let the Writer eat, drink, and exercise however preferred. Only the Writer knows the exact combination of excess, self-denial, flagellation, whiskey, and medicinal massage that will enable Writing. As a mother watches a child’s face, and anticipates the child’s every need, so you must do with the Writer.

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