Dating age differential

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Half your age plus seven rule states "never date anyone under half your age plus 7" also meaning that "no one under 14 years of age should date".

According to a new survey, the ideal age difference between a couple is when the man is 4 years and (this is the sort of weird part) four months older than the woman.

Will women feel better about dating younger men as we chip away at the convention that it’s men who have to be the providers, and women the nurturers?

I recently ran across your website and thought I would ask a simple question I hope you can answer.

Im a 37-year-old guy who was introduced to a 25-year-old woman Ill call Meryl. When we started going out, I told her that I was 35 instead of my real age just to shave off a couple of years and bring our ages closer together. But she said at the time that she didnt care about the age difference and we ended up dating for over a year. She found out my true age (from a health insurance form I was filling out and stupidly left on my kitchen table) and then immediately broke off our relationship.

Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love puts it, At that point a woman will stay with you, but she dont dig you anymore!

Shes just waiting for the right turkey to happen along so she can deep-six you.

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