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A few years ago I asked him why American men were so much better at socializing.

He told me that there was a plethora of available men in the states, so if they saw someone they were interested in they had to act fast or there would be 30 others there in a flash.

Keep in mind you still have to attempt that connection, it is not enough to just show up. If you are so shy and you can’t do anything else start with a smile, I promise if you give enough away they will start to come back to you!!!!!!

Finding an ideal date, partner or spouse is for many of us at different stages in our life the most important thing we could do.

Without your help and guidance I would not have found my wonderful girlfriend.

I was not a willing participant and you convinced me to trust you and you were bang on!

Often I am met with strange looks or people who just ignore me. It is not a marriage proposal or an invitation to sleep with me, it is just a conversation!

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It's amazing what you can find with an open mind and Sheree's helpful guidance. The bottom line is she helped me find my sweatheart, inspite of myself. What I found was a very pleasant and professional individual who was very meticulous in getting to know her clients and actively search for a well matched female companion for me.I am asked this all the time, “Why is dating or even basic socializing so hard?” Personally as someone who has a tendency to talk to anyone I can’t understand it, but that does not mean that everyone talks back.I have my theories, here are a few: Fear of rejection Social media has created anti social mentality when face to face We have no game, through lack of face to face practice We put unrealistic expectations on a conversation, it’s just a conversation Our expectations have gotten far too high We have become very judgmental We blame the other party instead of being responsible for taking the initiative We have become reliant on Online dating and social media to connect, but how many of those people do you actually ever meet?Online dating has created a throw away mentality My best friend is an American man and let me tell you, he has game.

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