Dating doctor pros cons

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Just show up and have food served at something other than room temperature and you are way ahead in the game!

We take care of sick people, we have witnessed the moments that Death has come to take our patients away, and we have comforted those left behind.

I wasn’t surprised, because I too, operate under the assumption that although football players might want to hide their occupation because of too much interest, we female doctors hide ours because of lack of interest. Your in-laws have stayed too long, the baby is screaming, the cable is out, the game is on, and who knows what your firstborn is doing, wait, why is there water coming from underneath the bathroom door?

But it isn’t just me that thinks male and female doctors are viewed very differently on the dating scene. Well, the saying in my house is, “At least no one is bleeding”.

When this is how you spend your days, we are much less likely to give you hell over forgetting to pick up your underwear off the floor.

When it comes to dating an older man, common arguments can be made about age not being an issue.

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We don’t expect limos and hot air balloons on dates.

Doctors have a great deal of respect and prestige in society for the type of work they’re associated with.

Aside from that, they have a healthy income and can be the most attractive potential partner in marriage. If you want to marry a doctor, you should be aware of such pros and cons.

Another major benefit of marrying a doctor is social regard the profession enjoys.

Doctors are equipped with the skill to heal one’s physical sufferings and bring back a person from the dead.

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