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This venture has very little to do with the big series we have yet to release; just a cosy, amusing little story with a festive twist; but we hope that this will do for the minute.

It is in fact set after Ted and Ted's marriage, and before our first main series, when Mat captures the Bansion and Bobbert and Saji try to reclaim it.

Thankfully, this movement did not take affect and we live in a society where you can ask Dad for a raise in your allowance without the concern of added stress because he's had a busy day.

A total find, these outtakes from the classic social guidance film, "Date With Your Family" show some bloopers, flub ups, and one particulariy interesting deleted scene of "daughter" washing dishes, getting tired and wiping the sweat off of her brow.

Making a film on this subject wasn't stiff and robot-like, at least. The parents have passed on I'm sure, but the kids are probably still out there.

Coming from someone who was raised by a family from that generation.

Outtakes from the well-known "mental hygiene" film, offering today's viewers a window on how these oft-mythologized films were actually produced and performed. SHOWS HOW FAMILY TIES ARE STRENGTHENED BY PRACTICE OF SIMPLE COURTESIES.

A contemporary review authored by classroom teachers criticized this film, which appears to have been shot in affluent West Los Angeles, for showing an upper-class family to which many students might not be able to relate. EMPHASIZES THE NEED FOR GREATER AWARENESS IN THE HOME OF RESPECT THAT ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY SHOULD HAVE FOR THE OTHERS.

You will see some familiar faces and places, but also some new ones we think you might like.

A Date With Your Family was one of their most successful releases, picked up for distribution by industry giant Encyclopaedia Britannica Films.

More than other company's films, they play on fear and guilt.

Ken Smith sez: This brain-deadening film seems to go on forever, but it's well worth repeated viewing.

It's probably one of the last to reflect pre-war social behavior; the great classless society of the fifties was just emerging and "formality" had not yet become a dirty word (see DINNER PARTY, HOW DO YOU DO and JUNIOR PROM as other examples).

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