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Fred Gretsch sold the business and assets to the Baldwin Piano company.Longtime salesman and company jack-of-all trades, Duke Kramer went with the deal, to help Baldwin start up business. For a short time the Gretsch name faded as a memory until the late 1980's when son Fred Gretsch III repurchased the brand name.He also was responsible for the change from a standard “F” hole to a simulated “F” hole. Other well-known Gretsch endorsers include Eddy Cochran, Duane Eddy and Brian Setzer. He was responsible for the design of the Country Gentleman and many other Gretsch models.The original Country Gentleman had a single Venetian style cutaway.The Sullivan show at this time not being broadcast in colour.It was difficult to determine the colours of the guitars. Friedrich Gretsch founded Gretsch Musical Instruments in 1883.It's amazing they have been producing guitars almost as long as Martin.

The neck had a 12-inch radius, which is fairly flat. The neck width at the brass nut was 1 11/16th inches. On the other end of the instrument, the bridge was a rocker bridge.

Controls on Gretsch guitars are much different from other electric guitars.

The original Country Gentleman and the subsequent double-cutaway model of 1962 came with three potentiometers for volume.

On February 16th of 1964, some may have been watching The Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday night. It usually featured juggling acts, dancers, popular comedians and popular songsters of the day.

However, this was the night The Beatles were making their first American television appearance.

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