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Many (most) people saw my behavior as a desperate cry for help and validation. If I lived in France no one would bat an eye if I showed my breasts. And who is more indoctrinated with the hatred of women—women who allow other women to do their thang or “feminists” who attack other women for doing theirs?

Madiba taught us that education is the key to emancipation. Limpopo About 20 000 ANC supporters converged on the Monsterlus Stadium in Sekhukhune for the launch of the ANC’s Limpopo municipal elections manifesto on Sunday.

Gauteng Meanwhile, on Saturday, more than 80 000 supporters packed the gigantic FNB Stadium in Johannesburg for the Gauteng ANC manifesto launch Read more: ‘The ANC is the leader of society’, says Zuma The crowd cheered as Zuma made his way into the stadium, singing songs as he walked around the field waving at them.

The crowd appeared to be unfazed that the programme had been delayed by at least three hours after it had been officially set to begin at 11am.

Instead of living in fear of the inevitable happening, I decided to take control of my image and post the photos myself. I thought I was because I believe in equal rights for women. So instead of pointing the finger at me, maybe ask yourself why you’re so annoyed, angry or offended. Like Oscar Wilde said: “All art is at once surface and symbol. Wouldn’t it be better to have someone help them navigate that world instead of acting like it’s not happening?

So as long as my website,, has been around (which is 10 years now), long before the explosion of social media, I’ve been getting naked online. I thought I could be cheeky and get away with it, but Twitter is a hardcore game of wit. But according to many feminists who have felt the need to school me, I’m guilty of self-exploitation, self-objectification and a laundry list of other oxymoronic offenses too long and convoluted to detail here. This fruit salad of religion, morality and advertising buried in our psyche has torn us in two. The war we’ve waged on nudity and sexuality casts a dark shadow and with it a whole host of perversions evident in any list of porn categories on the dark web. According to most of you (and my shrink) I have “daddy issues.” I’m not denying there isn’t absolutely some trauma working itself out here. When you say that to me, you’re projecting YOUR value system on me. But I’m coming from a place that’s authentic, and this is my authentic self: I hate clothes. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. It is the spectator and not life that art really mirrors.” My message is more simplistic: “It’s not me. The only examples they have are porn or the Kardashians, which is basically one in the same.

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