Dating people different races

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This is why the gospel can (and should) be preached to all tribes and nations.

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To answer these questions, we must first understand what the Bible and science teach about “race.” In the 1800s, before Darwinian evolution was popularized, most people, when talking about “races,” would be referring to such groups as the “English race,” “Irish race,” and so on.And racial prejudice remains common throughout the world.”11 In an article in the Journal of Counseling and Development,12 researchers argued that the term “race” is basically so meaningless that it should be discarded.More recently, those working on mapping the human genome announced “that they had put together a draft of the entire sequence of the human genome, and the researchers had unanimously declared, there is only one race—the human race.”13 Personally, because of the influences of Darwinian evolution and the resulting prejudices, I believe everyone (and especially Christians) should abandon the term “race(s).” We could refer instead to the different “people groups” around the world.A significant number of Christians would claim that such “interracial” marriages directly violate God’s principles in the Bible and should not be allowed.Does the Word of God really condemn the marriages mentioned above?

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