Dating sim solution episode 1

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Bobby introduces himself to Lydia, whilst some of the Essex girls celebrate Pancake Day.

Arg interrupts Ricky’s date with Cara to lecture him over what the boys have told him about him and Lydia, leaving Ricky infuriated and taking his anger out on Cara – causing Jess to step in to calm the situation down.

The girls have their heads turned by new hunk Ricky who reminisces with Lydia over their childhood memories.

A depressed Arg buys Lydia some £1,000 shoes in a last bid attempt to sway her, whilst Lauren G and Cara both express their desire to woo Ricky.

Lydia and Arg break down after a heart-to-heart about their last five years together, and Billi is forced to make a choice after Tom and Cara’s sibling rivalry gets heated.

With Arg still convinced Ricky is after Lydia, the boys are there to lift his spirits, unaware that it’s actually Cara who Ricky is dating.

There is strain on Billi and Tom’s new romance already as Cara fails to support the pair, and Debbie delivers some harsh home truths to Arg.

Ricky makes enemies as Joey feels he’s stepping on Arg’s toes, and Tom isn’t happy with him kissing his sister in front of him.

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Lauren G reels from recent events after her shop is destroyed by vandals.

The series heavily focuses on new boy Ricky causing a stir in Essex by going behind the boy's backs and trying to get with many of the girls, as well as the strain between friendships when Billi finds love with Cara's brother Tom, and Jess finally cuts Lauren G out of her life.

It also features the aftermath of Arg and Lydia's break-up, and Lucy and Mario hitting another rough patch in their turbulent relationship.

Mario and Lucy head out on their first date where they agree to wipe the slate clean and not use their past mistakes against each other.

Billi is put in an difficult position when she finds herself getting close to Cara’s brother Tom, whilst Arg reveals to Joey that he has slept with Lydia again, but is now being ignored by her completely.

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