Dating site to date cops

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Would you be so nice and polite to every person you pull over or deal with, when those things happen to you regularly?

I work for trauma surgeons, but I'll tell you that with all the horrible things they see, and all the horrible people they deal with, they are no less compassionate.

Hats off to Men in Blue and the Pyrosnuffers Cheers I'm going to be a police officer next summer-definitely looking forward to catching bad guys and helping the community. And to cope with a lot of the crap that goes on, walls are built and they become jaded. The responsibility rests largely with the institution to attract a higher caliber of person in regards to patience and ethics and to properly screen against those whose personalities are not resonant with the requirements of the job.

People dont give these men and women the respect they to them for trying to keep citizens civil. I've dated a few, and one of my good friends was married to, and still is married to, a cop.. I think there has been a lot of improvement in many major cities in this direction.

The only thing about cops is that many time there is no mutual respect.I have the upmost respect for all the men and women in uniform, whether the PD, fire, paremedics, or our military. I can only say that the reason you are probably treated with "less" respect that you wish for, is because of the other "crap" they put up with daily....They all do what they have to do to help out our citizens of this great country, whether it's taken criminals and placin them behind bars, or savin someone's life, they all do there part. People in those kind of professions have to "harden" their hearts a little bit~~ They're lied to, threatened, shot at, beat up, you name it...“People are looking for a higher level of transparency,” said Britanny Carter, an analyst at the market research firm IBISWorld.Still, Craigslist and similar bulletin-board sites remain a popular venue for people who seek relationships in secret and for men seeking sex with other men.

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