Devotions for dating divorced couples remarrying

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The worship of "Aphrodite" on the mountain behind the city was extremely immoral, but the unsaved citizens viewed this worship as perfectly acceptable. Regrettably some Corinthians in the church were viewing morals the same way (ch. In the city, every person did what was right in his own eyes. The Spirit's ministry of revealing God's wisdom 2:6-16 4. When people view any idea as legitimate, there are few moral absolutes. A third mark of the city's effect on the church was personal selfishness. The Christians had not grasped and retained some central truths, that the apostles had taught them, that identified the essence of their Christianity. They were not sharing their food with one another (ch. They were also interrupting speakers in the meetings, rather than waiting for the speaker to finish what he had to say (ch. Where edification and order should have prevailed, self-glorification and chaos reigned. The real root issue was that the church had failed to recognize its uniqueness. There was much interest in intellectual speculation in Corinth, as there was in its neighbor city of Athens. Every evil thing in the church to which Paul referred was prevalent in Corinth. One of the symptoms of Corinthian cultural influence was intellectual freedom. The Apostle Paul addressed these people as "believers" because that is what they were (cf. They had submitted to God's rule over them to some extent.

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They were people whom God had commissioned to carry the gospel to every creature. What characterizes the world generally marked Corinth. The city of Corinth is the other entity of primary importance in our grasping the major significance of this epistle. Each intellectual leader had his group of disciples. The phrase "Corinthian words" was a synonym for elaborate language in Paul's day. The Corinthians discussed and debated all sorts of opinions.

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