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See the Introduction to the document "DCMI Metadata Terms" ( for an explanation.Metadata for an event provides descriptive information that is the basis for discovery of the purpose, location, duration, and responsible agents associated with an event.This document is an up-to-date specification of all metadata terms maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, including properties, vocabulary encoding schemes, syntax encoding schemes, and classes.abstract , access Rights , accrual Method , accrual Periodicity , accrual Policy , alternative , audience , available , bibliographic Citation , conforms To , contributor , coverage , created , creator , date , date Accepted , date Copyrighted , date Submitted , description , education Level , extent , format , has Format , has Part , has Version , identifier , instructional Method , is Format Of , is Part Of , is Referenced By , is Replaced By , is Required By , issued , is Version Of , language , license , mediator , medium , modified , provenance , publisher , references , relation , replaces , requires , rights , rights Holder , source , spatial , subject , table Of Contents , temporal , title , type , valid Agent , Agent Class , Bibliographic Resource , File Format , Frequency , Jurisdiction , License Document , Linguistic System , Location , Location Period Or Jurisdiction , Media Type , Media Type Or Extent , Method Of Accrual , Method Of Instruction , Period Of Time , Physical Medium , Physical Resource , Policy , Provenance Statement , Rights Statement , Size Or Duration , Standard This document is an up-to-date, authoritative specification of all metadata terms maintained by the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative.Included are the fifteen terms of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, which have also been published as IETF RFC 5013 [RFC5013], ANSI/NISO Standard Z39.85-2007 [NISOZ3985], and ISO Standard 15809 [ISO15836].

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Instances of the type Still Image must also be describable as instances of the broader type Image.Hill Country, with its long sharing tables and electric, fun atmosphere, is a relaxed alternative to stuffy corporate event spaces and fussy formal dining rooms.For large group events, Hill Country offers a variety of service styles – everything from seated banquets, buffets with carving stations, and family-style meals, to cocktail receptions with stationary and passed hors d’oeuvres.Should you want live music, the Director of Hill Country Live will help you choose the perfect act for your event. “Hill Country provided the greatest food and service for our wedding. ” Abdul Malik Kadir said to a guy in a gray suit standing next to him.

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