Former fat guy dating

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But I wanted to talk more specifically about how to do that for the holidays, how I do it in general, and how I’m doing it now with my specific workout/eating regimen.

Fat women are an unattractive social drain unworthy of male attention.

I’ve written on this topic before but I wanted to add some more nuance as we head toward Thanksgiving and various other gluttony-based holiday events.

I’ve written in the past about the need to plan ahead, to plan for cheating, to plan for failure, etc.

Because former fat girls still see themselves as a six or lower, they judge your relative value as higher even when they have the body of a nine or ten.

If the woman you’re talking to only recently became a nine, you might find it’s as easy to talk to her as it would be to talk to a six.

These are the kind of women who will thank you after you have sex with them.

Most of the time when I’ve had a woman offer anal on the first date, or grin when I suggest bringing my camera into the bedroom, I usually find out later that she only recently developed the thin feminine form that initially attracted me.Whereas hot girls can lie in the starfish position when in bed with a man, less attractive women have to develop compensatory sexual skills to keep men around (that’s code for great blowjobs.) Since men aren’t getting off on their bodies, less attractive women can only please the men they want by being absolute freaks in bed.When women lose weight, they don’t forget the sexual skills they developed when they were less attractive.I felt like a horny teenager again, and was practically drooling on every woman I met.Women who lose weight experience similar changes, and will want more sex than they’ve ever wanted before in their life.

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