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I am a big fan of Aziz Ansari’s standup and his role on Parks and Rec, so I was excited to read his new book, Modern Romance.

Lauren and Sandy learn that Michael is a double agent for the CIA who has now gone rogue, also working for the KGB, and that he has stolen a toxin that could destroy huge areas of nature with just a few drops.

Aziz talks about how in this digital age of social media, exes live on even after your relationship does.

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As a trade off, we just sacrificed pretty much every traditional romantic dating ritual, NBD. Aziz says get the interaction out of your inbox and into real life. You could keep someone on “the other line” when your call waiting beeped, but eventually you had to chose who you were going to talk to.

We have cameras in our pockets, never have to use paper maps or memorize phone numbers, work is easier, and you can keep in touch with friends all over the globe with ease. So those are my thoughts from a totally unqualified source.

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