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FEELING THE SPARKS FLY: Cause Date also organizes group meetups for like-minded people - such as harvesting orange groves for those in need in Carmarillo, California. WHO: Vegetarians, vegans, raw-foodists, fruitarians, and macrobiotics.Veggie lets members search by diet - so picking the restaurant for that all-important first date as easy as can be.Anthony Potts, for the prosecution, said the couple had a genuine belief that a diet of raw organic fruit, vegetables, juices and nuts was the healthiest option for their family.Mr Potts said the Crown accepted that the neglect was not through any malice but through "misguided love and misguided belief that they were doing their best for their little girl".If there’s one defining characteristic of the 21st century dating scene, it’s online dating.From Ok Cupid to Tinder, online dating sites play matchmaker 24/7 for men and women of all walks of life every day - sparking fun dates, relationships, and ultimately lots of love.The parents of a baby girl who died of severe malnutrition after being fed a raw fruit and vegetable diet were allowed to go free yesterday when a judge said they had already been punished by the loss of their child in what was a "wholly exceptional and tragic case".

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