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He would often wake up at lunch time and come out to share lunch with me, even though it meant only getting a few hours of sleep.After about two weeks, his class was close to graduating and he got his assignment orders saying he was to stay at Fort Sill.

I hemmed and hawed until he snuck off base and bought me a ring one afternoon while he was supposed to be sleeping.Once we got back after our wedding, he graduated and moved into his new unit's barracks.We were only able to see each other at night and on weekends.Steven says that from that first moment he was always looking for me - often delaying going to bed after class until he had a chance to see me going off to my own day classes. Finally one day he asked one of his friend's girlfriends to approach me and introduce us.We females lived up on the third floor of the barracks while the males had the first and second floors.

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