Harry and ginny dating

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I'm getting a little puckish now, and I don't think I want to wait for Hermione anymore.

In a split decision, Ginny and Harry are sent to the past by the death stick, forcing them to become classmates with Evans and the Marauders.

"But if it weren't for bloody Cedric Diggory, I'd already have a date."Harry and Ron were sitting in the common room after dinner. To his relief, Fred replied, "Nah, not that I know of. ""Well, I'm off to bed," Hermione said rather suddenly. " With that, she promptly walked up the stairs to the girl's dormitories."Well, that was weird," Ginny said. And that's not likely to happen, so…""Oh," Harry said, as his face turned fiery red. She couldn't believe she could have been so oblivious. She saw a whole web of future outcomes, some of them ending with a happy marriage, and others with a rather hard breakup. Harry looked rather dejected at Ginny's lack of response. Ron had been his first real friend, as Harry had never had any friends before he came to Hogwarts. Harry dressed rather slowly and walked downstairs to the common room, expecting an empty room However, he spotted an extremely nervous Ron sitting in an armchair near the dead fire."Hey, Ron," Harry said, nervous as well. ""Couldn't sleep," Ron replied, grinning broadly and looking rather pleased with himself.

"Always good to keep things private.""Don't worry, Harry. At least we know she'll be with a gentleman," George smirked. She's far too popular with them teenage boys, our little sister is.""She's not going with anyone, is she? When Harry woke up later that morning, his dreams full of Hungarian Horntails, angry Rons, and a Yule Ball that ended in humiliation, he lay on his bed for quite a long time, staying completely still with his eyes wide open. Will they be able to go back to their time before they mess up the past? When the trio, Ginny, Luna and Neville return to their final year at Hogwarts after the war, something happens and they are transported into the past. *SUPER HARRY*H/G* Starts 7th book It's not that she wasn't expecting to be alone, but she didn't want to be admit it to herself. See what happens when the two finally come face to face.

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