Ip dating site in finland

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yes i lost 445 dollars to this woman the name she is going by that she told me is ashly colies or Teresita Pasco dont no witch but peole like this sucm need to be delt with i have all my email train screps This ipaddress has applied for online banking through my mother's checking account. Please read carefully, you get the original IP address off the email itself, click on body of email and click view source and look for the orgin it will give you the exact ip address, many then go to IP look up, and input this ip address you got from the email and and you will get the exact location of the scammer. On this IP address a man claimed to be a 2nd lieutenant in US Army who is still in Iraq, lured my niece in Saudi and threatened her to send a confidential package which made her panicked.

The first time they had part of her SS# wrong but the second time they had all of her information SS#, birthday, driver's license #, checking account #, and her mother's maiden name. Claims to have a dog, but couldn't tell me who cares for dog while out of town on business. He said he is a German-American 48 yrs old and this 18th of January will be out of Iraq to fly to Saudi.

Datingnmore offers absoutely free Finland dating, as well as many other singles all over the world.

I gave you so much great info., and why do you post this comments sections if you won't put it on here when someone adheres to the parameters of this listing???You can have them put a fraud alert free of charge. This means no one can obtain any credit information without you personally unlocking. The woman behind this got me off myyearbook date site. Several different people were probably corresponding! Now, the collection companies are after me for repayment. I have not been giving any money but he i still working on the internet....thank you all to be kind and tell everybody about this.... this person just stole my images from my fb page & hacked some1 else pg running for a political office and has changed the person profile pic to my image..Didn't get any money but similar story about love then disappearing. I have no idea the purpose of this but this is ridiculous and crazy ok I am very confused. Someone made an email address and e Bay account to look like my first and last name. Its terrible that they can get hold of other peoples photos who are all proberly innocent of this scam.We count our success by the enormous number of connections, relationships, marriages, and children we’ve helped to create.We know they may not exist today without Christian Mingle.

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