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So, when she finds out she's pregnant, she doesn't know who the father is.

Assuming all that to be true, as a matter of morality, she should tell both men that either may be the father.

In short, the law requires those with knowledge of problems, defects, etc., not on the buyer, who doesn't know about them, but on the seller, who does. The doctrine of (let the buyer beware) put the burden on the buyer to figure out if there was a problem with the car, the house, etc.

That doctrine is long outmoded and one of the reasons it was abandoned was because requiring the person with the facts to divulge them makes more sense than requiring the one without the facts to in some way figure them out.

It seems that, seven years ago, when he was 18, J-Kwon had received "his first million-dollar check," and in short order was informed by his girlfriend that she was pregnant with his child.

Being young and, from the sound of his interview, a nice young man, he stepped up to the plate.

Given that there's nothing positive about our legal approach to paternity fraud, it's almost as if that's the point - to maintain mothers' hegemony over fathers' rights.

The solution to the paternity fraud problem is actually simple.

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