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Summary: This program looks at the fascinating finds at Chaco Canyon: the extraordinary city itself, the mysterious networks of streets, the strange cult objects, the proofs of their mastery of astronomy; and at the many unanswered questions about the absence of a written language, the meaning of their depictions of humans, and the possible explanations for the disappearance, leaving barely a trace, of the highly advanced Anasazi culture.

Summary: Scenes of wrestlers, boxers, and runners competing for the honor of an Olympic victory are familiar to fans of the modern Olympics.

Romano presents a multi-faceted view of the heroes of ancient times.

Summary: And They Sang A New Song: Twenty-Four Musical Elders at Santiago de Compostela employs art history and music history to discover the meaning of the 24 elders of the apocalypse carved in the late twelfth century Portico de la Gloria of the Pilgrimage Church at Santiago de Compostela.

It introduces the media and guides the viewer through a delightful world of masks, theatrical headpieces, creatures, lifecasts and even larger-than-life sculptures.Summary: This one-hour special edution of The Learning Channel's "Teacher TV" series examines the roles the arts can play as catalysts to education reform in the nation's public schools.Hosted by Taran Noah Smith, star of ABC's Home Improvement, the program profiles five schools across the country that have created enriched learning environments by making the arts the cornerstone of innovations in teaching.This documentary, narrated by actor Joe Morton, features more than 130 rarely seen paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures by black artists, and even more rarely seen archival footage of those artists at work. Languages: English Summary: He foreshadowed his career by making his own toys growing up, took artistic inspiration from the solar system, drove a convertible in winter wearing a sheepskin for a coat, and was responsible for the biggest controversy to hit Grand Rapids, Michigan.The period of the 1920s and '30s known as the Harlem Renaissance encompassed an extraordinary outburst of creativity by African-American visual artists. Such was the long and colorful career of Alexander "Sandy" Calder, inventor of the mobile as an art form and creator of the ubiquitous giant abstract sculptures that grace many of the world's cities, including the aforementioned one in Michigan.

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