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We'll also look at some facts regarding organ donation and some statistics.Facts About Organ Donation You can donate organs at almost any age anywhere between a newborn to a 65 year old can sign up.In some religions for instance it may be believed that organ donation could affect you in the after life.Likewise if you had any hopes of coming back one way or another and intended to freeze yourself ala Walt Disney then organ donation might stand in the way of that.

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At the same time though it is a serious decision and one that can have big implications.

The donor family does not bear the cost of the surgery, despite some beliefs to the contrary.

Around 90,000 people are waiting for organ donations every month, and roughly 20 people a month die who could otherwise have been saved by available organs.

Others might have a particular desire to be cremated.

However many of the perceived 'cons' of organ donation are not in fact cons at all, but rather are based on misconceptions.

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