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Some have said it was Thursday, some said it was Saturday.

It’s just like the Karimov regime to be so cowardly and so opaque that they can’t even give us the concrete information.

Even in death, Karimov is a wily fox.” Karimov’s death will leave a power vacuum in a country that has had the same leader since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and where no opposition party has ever been allowed to challenge the president’s rule.

Uzbekistan was due to celebrate 25 years of independence from the USSR on Thursday, but according to local BBC reports the event has been cancelled.

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Under Karimov’s regime, Uzbeks have endured appalling human rights abuses, and at Andijan in 2005, the country saw the largest state-led massacre of protestors since Tiananmen Square, which the authorities continue to deny occurred.

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Uzbekistan’s president Islam Karimov is rumoured to have died after suffering a stroke - but the country's government is refusing to comment.

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