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“I’m curious if there is a certain age of evangelicals in their 20s and 30s that don’t seem to have a problem with homosexuality in the same way that evangelicals in their 40s, 50s and older do,” Ron said.

“I wonder if people of Russell Wilson’s age look at it and say ‘I don’t care.'” “And you have to think that Ciaria, especially being in pop music and having choreographers, dancers and musicians, has had a lot of exposure to people of difference sexual orientations,” he said.

Most evangelicals I know wouldn’t take this stance.

They would feel very differently.” Ron has always had a tough time jumping on the Russell Wilson bandwagon.

It’s not just on athletes, it’s not just on coaches, it’s not just on anybody in particular. I think ultimately it comes down to love and appreciating one another and respect for one another.

It’s an appreciation for society, an appreciation for the country we live in, an appreciation for the towns and cities that we live in.

ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia points out that Russell Wilson recently commented sports stars, such as himself, working for social change.

Wilson recently told Kapadia: Well, I think we all have a responsibility.

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whose son Robert was born in 1700 in Stafford County, Virginia and died in 1788 in Onslow County, North Carolina, establishing the North Carolinian roots of the Traywick family.

“Yeah, I’m having a change of heart about Russell Wilson,” Ron said.

“There have been some things that stylistically just rubbed me the wrong way.

Ultimately, it comes down to all of us to make sure we appreciate one another.

“What’s amazing to me about this is that he’s a pretty stout evangelical,” Don said.

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