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Despite this statement, the number of requests to NPRC-MPR rose considerably, causing a significant backlog in record copy responses.As of 2005, Internet notices and public announcements stemmed requests resulting from the "record destruction" rumor and the Military Personnel Records Center is back to a standard response time of approximately ten days for simple requests and as long as three to six months for complex requests requiring extensive research.Between 19, the Department of Veterans Affairs began a project to receive military health records upon a service member's discharge, release, death in service, or retirement from the military.

Reconstruction Records are created through use of alternate records sources such as pay records and records from the Department of Veterans Affairs.Veterans during this time period normally could not obtain service record information, except by way of personally visiting the facility.This had changed in 1965, when photocopy machines became widespread at the Military Personnel Records Center making it easier to reproduce service records upon request from all interested parties.Shortly after the fire, a discussion was held within the General Services Administration (which then operated the facility) to close down the Military Personnel Records Center in lieu of a new facility.This did not come to pass, however, and instead a large "Reconstruction Project" was begun to restore the records destroyed in the fire.

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