Miss abigails guide to dating

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It's simple, fun, and worth every penny and minute of your time.

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I went to see this play last Saturday and today I'll share some of my thoughts on this comedy that is hilarious, fun and has a lot of heart. The play actually opened in this location (Sofia's Downstairs Theater on W.

46th Street in New York) in October and starred Eve Plumb as Miss Abigail and Manuel Herrera as her assistant Paco.

Miss Abigail is a widow, as her husband Robert passed away, so it is ironic that Miss Abigail can't learn from her own teachings what Paco really thinks. It really is a fun experience and if you're in the New York City area, you'll definitely want to check this one out because it is comedy gold with a lot of heart.

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I'm not naturally witty, John (Ritter) was naturally witty, Don (Knotts) was naturally, I'm not. So it took me a couple of weeks to get unscared about doing that, because I'm so used to doing a play." So, De Witt is a quick-learner or just naturally good, because she was very sharp, witty and had a lot of heart doing the improv with the audience when anyone was called on to the stage.

Miss Abigail (Kelli Grant) quotes from a vast collection of books (mostly… arrives at San Antonio’s Roxie Theatre with all the comic absurdity intact.

Miss Abigail (Kelli Grant) quotes from a vast collection of books (mostly from the 1940s) to offer hilariously antiquated advice to the audience.

The audience is involved because they are part of Miss Abigail's class.

As you can tell, this comedy is not your average theater experience and it is a refreshing change.

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