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Giving a foster or adopted child to homosexual parents is a form of relational child abuse.The child has been placed in a home in which the parents have an inherent shorter life span.

What was once anti-LGBT propaganda is now anti-anti-LGBT facts.I also say this against those heterosexuals who also co-habitat, it is unkind to children to expose them to continual relationship changes.There is less likelihood that a same sex couple will even be alive to care for their child.A society that accepts immoral relationships cause children to stumble into immorality.Jesus Christ said that “if anyone causes one of these little one’s to stumble, (sin) it would be better if he put a mill stone around his neck and throw himself into the sea.” Matthew 18:6 Acceptance of these unnatural acts sets a society up for gender and sexual confusion, which brings about widespread immorality, which tears the family down Logically speaking, if everyone’s sexuality was expressed heterosexually, then humanity will survive and perpetuate our own kind for generations to come.

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