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' Calculation ' Screen Updating ' Display Alerts ' Enable Events '------------------------- ' Possible Data Loss '------------------------- ' It is possible that some data loss may occur if the function is splitting the input data into multiple columns.' If the number of data elements in the input record plus the value of Start Column is greater than the number ' of Columns in the worksheet, data elements that would go past the right-most column of the worksheet are not imported.

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It will restore the saved ' values at the end of the procedure.This page describes a procedure named that will import a text file with any number of records.The procedure will create additional worksheets as required. The data is always imported in to the active workbook, which may not be the same workbook that contains the code. The symbolic constants for error numbers are listed at the top of the code module.Ensure that the proper workbook is active ' prior to running the import process.' C_START_COLUMN is the column in which the data is placed.

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