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They would break off relationships or move across the country. They would learn to love a cat, even though they are most definitely allergic. Just because someone loves to hang out with you doesn’t mean they’re your soulmate. If someone won’t make time for you, then they aren’t into you. As human beings, we can’t help ourselves when we’re into someone.

It’s a literal drug; urging you over and over to be in the company of the person who makes you produce those happy vibes.

I get why people don’t listen when I tell them this.

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They glowingly talk about how they hardly ate or slept or concentrated at work because they found any spare moment to be talking with or hanging out with the other person.

But alas, 99 times out of 100, there isn’t a good reason and the situation never changes. And we have to deal with the ugly truth -- but with months wasted under the ol’ dating belt.

Sometimes, the people coming to me for advice are young and I let them figure it out.

For instance, that “Don’t go to bed angry” shit would have resulted in my divorce.

I need time to breathe when I’m angry or else I lash out like a heavy-footed she-beast.

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