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He also goes by the name William and birthdate 8/16/67. , thought I was waiting for tatyana from Russia to come stay with me!!!! , thought I was waiting for tatyana from Russia to come stay with me!!!! , thought I was waiting for tatyana from Russia to come stay with me!!!!

Used by two different men (or women) from dating sites. Sure enough, the tried to say he ran into problems and asked me for money. He got nothing from me, but is trying to forge a relationship. She pretended to have her mom chat with me online to back her story up and ask for same thing.

Asked for $$ but too fishy and started doing much research. A person claiming to be a petroleum engineer for Sonatrach UK has been contacting me. I finally decided to trace his email and the IP address came to this location. Claimed to be coming off bad relationship and that she had 2 million from dead dads insurance coming but she had to be married to collect. I kept asking to talk to her on phone but she refused which lead me to think this was a guy.

The first time they had part of her SS# wrong but the second time they had all of her information SS#, birthday, driver's license #, checking account #, and her mother's maiden name. Claims to have a dog, but couldn't tell me who cares for dog while out of town on business. He said he is a German-American 48 yrs old and this 18th of January will be out of Iraq to fly to Saudi.

But noone seems to be able to tell me what I need to do or how to do it. Says he is a supervisor for world health organizations. Shame on this guy had used the US Army to prey women.

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