Outlook calendar updates not updating

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If you want appointments added to the i Cloud calendar, you'll need to either move (or copy) the appointments to the i Cloud calendar or create them directly in the i Cloud Calendar folder. While you can't configure Outlook to use the i Cloud1 data file as your default (i Cloud2 can be set as default, with limitations), you can configure Outlook to startup in the i Cloud Calendar folder.

Don't use i Cloud calendar, contact, or tasks sync for Exchange, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts.

If the calendar view is set on High details, check your all days events for end dates.

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This happens because i Cloud doesn't see your account as the meeting owner.

Open any event that has No end date and set an end date.

I recommend using 10 events for yearly events and 1 year for more frequent events.

Outlook Today gets appointments and tasks from your default Calendar.

If you use i Cloud 2, you can set the i Cloud data file as the default, however, this will not work if you use an IMAP account. Although you can't set the i Cloud calendar to be the default, you can configure Outlook to display the i Cloud calendar when Outlook is opened the first time.

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